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a look back at May 1964.

a look back at May 1964. 1
The 16th Annual Emmy Awards were held at the Hollywood Palladium and at the Texas Pavilion at the New York World's Fair. The show was aired on NBC and winner included The Dick Van Dyke Show's Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore.
a look back at May 1964. 2
"From Russia With Love" - the second James Bond film - premiered in theaters throughout the US.
a look back at May 1964. 3
The unmanned Apollo 2 Saturn launched into Earth's orbit to test the structural integrity of a boilerplate Command/Service Module.
a look back at May 1964. 4
A.J. Foyt won the 48th Indianapolis 500. It was the last race won by a front-engined roadster, as all races since have been won by rear-engined, formula-style cars.

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