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A Rock & Roll Fantasy.

The warm, full sound of vinyl constantly rattled the walls of my childhood bedroom. Between stints of playing my tennis racket guitar I’d read the liner notes, study the lyrics and look at the obligatory in-the-making photographs on the inner sleeve. But it was the cover that gave the album its identity. Gave an everlasting mark to the sounds within. Yes, the album cover was an art form. And spread across the shag carpeted floor of my room at any given time were must-have classics like Abbey Road, Let it Be, Who’s Next, and Hotel California.

These are among the covers created by John Kosh – a British artist who befriended John Lennon in London in the 60s, then came to Los Angeles in the 70s to fulfill his American rock & roll dreams. And in turn Kosh burned images in kids minds in noisy bedrooms everywhere.

Sounds like the stuff legends are made of. Keep an eye out for Kosh as our Legend Series continues.

a rock & roll fantasy. 1
a rock & roll fantasy. 2
a rock & roll fantasy. 3
a rock & roll fantasy. 4
a rock & roll fantasy. 5
a rock & roll fantasy. 6
a rock & roll fantasy. 7
a rock & roll fantasy. 8
a rock & roll fantasy. 9

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