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catch a (simulated) wave.

The world’s first wave pool opened in Tempe, AZ in 1969. The brainchild of Phillip Dexter, a Phoenix construction engineer, who was inspired by a trip to California in 1965. Today Big Surf Waterpark is the third largest wave pool worldwide. To honor the park’s early glory days, 40 to 50 locals show up with their boards every Saturday and Sunday at 5pm to surf during the 1 hour period when the normal 3-foot waves climb to 5 feet. Thanks to SeaVees friend Seth for the recent photo below and the heads up. Vintage photos courtesy of Big Surf.

catch a (simulated) wave. 1
catch a (simulated) wave. 2
catch a (simulated) wave. 3
catch a (simulated) wave. 4
catch a (simulated) wave. 5

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