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ghost highways.

Ghost Highways: the 1964 california highway renumbering).

The mid-century population boom and burgeoning interest in automotives led to immense highway construction throughout the Golden State.By 1963 highway numbering in California had become complicated and confusing to motorists. On July 1, 1964, a major change in highway numbers took effect causing the disappearance of most US highway numbers throughout the state. The renumbering was the result of legislation passed in September 1963 that streamlined the highway numbering system. Many numbers were eliminated and will forever be buried. In the name of progress we were left with ghost highways.

ghost highways. 1
1964 CA Highways and Public Works brochure featuring the new green and white Highway 1 sign.
ghost highways. 2
An example of the old signs that created confusion. The replacement sign showed just I-10 and I-215.
ghost highways. 3
State Highway Number Map from 1964 depicts the renumbering.

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