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Meet our friends.

Partington Ridge. Big Sur, 1961. A mythmakers paradise…

Meet the crew from our Fall 2014 lookbook: Rogue Sur.

@jessustrite - Jess. Cast as our poetry reciting, Coltrane-inspired North Beach coffee house regular.
@leobasica - Leo. Cast as the one who attracts and collects all of these wild transient characters. The common bond, the reason the others have descended on Big Sur.
@pigeon_research - Colleen. The girl next door. Cast as the Rancher's Daughter, a native of these parts. You know the one. The one you'd fall for if you only knew then what you think you know now.
@dabbsdabbs - Dabbs. Cast as Lady Wayward. The one that finds comfort in debauchery. Seductive, smart, with a cutting salty humor.
@alexfrenchman - Alex. The one that is not what he appears to be. Cast as Johnny Disguise. Originally from a ghost town bordering South Dakota from Nebraska, he hitchhiked West and became a renowned erotic fiction writer until all of his books were banned and burned by conservatives.
@gildahariri - Gilda. Cast as Bicycling Graduate Assistant. An East Coast transplant, she is now a beatnik scholar at an unnamed Liberal Arts college in Oakland. Mysterious, forever searching, with a depth beyond belief.

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