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The Lil’ guy is on his way.

We’re super excited to welcome our new #californiadreammachine – a beautiful 1964 Volkswagen Beetle in the perfect shade of Bahama Blue. It’s scheduled to arrive at our office on Wednesday. We searched high and low to get our hands on the best ’64 we could find to celebrate our 50th. We’ll try not to get too attached – we’ll be giving this guy up in December to the lucky winner of our Legend Series contest.

How can you tell it’s a ’64? Check out the info here from an original 1964 sales brochure. Sign up now. This lil’ guy could be yours.

the lil' guy is on his way. 1
the lil' guy is on his way. 2
the lil' guy is on his way. 3
the lil' guy is on his way. 4

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