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your mom.

From all of us at SeaVees: Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

your mom. 1
Thank you for dressing me in matching engineer cap and jacket. #dapper
your mom. 2
Thanks for putting bells around my waist so I wouldn't wander off at Disneyland.
your mom. 3
Thanks for not dressing me in plaid. My siblings look all-plaid-out.
your mom. 4
Merci Mom for letting me touch the slimy fish then put my hands in my mouth. Rad.
your mom. 5
Thank you for letting me wear sporty sneakers with my sport coat and bucket hat. #gilliganlives
your mom. 6
Thanks for the boy cut. #sideburns
your mom. 7
Thanks for the matching moccasins and bangs. #bangin
your mom. 8
Thanks for the photo booth sesh. And for the Tooth Fairy money you left for my two front teeth.
your mom. 9
Thanks for not giving me the bowl haircut you gave my little sister. #yourewelcome
your mom. 10
Thanks for introducing me to pattern mixing at such an early age. #dotsandstripes
your mom. 11
Thanks for getting us braces. #youdefineMILF
your mom. 12
Thanks for the little light blue booties. You shouldn't have.

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